SEI Coin Trading Launches: Price Jumps 500%!

• SEI trading will begin on Binance, KuCoina, and simultaneously.
• Following the announcements, SEI token prices flew nearly 500% in the previous 24 hours.
• The Sei Network mainnet has not launched as of writing and there is no timeline specified yet.

SEI Coin Trading Launches on Major Exchanges

SEI token trading will commence on three major exchanges—Binance, and KuCoin—simultaneously at noon on Aug 15th. Prices for SEI tokens rose by 500% after the announcement was made.

What is SEI?

The Sei Network is a layer-1 blockchain that focuses on providing traders with faster transaction finality of 600 ms and throughput of 22,000 orders per second. It also suggests a “parallel processing” model for transactions instead of sequential processing. A launch date for the mainnet has not yet been revealed by the developers but it is expected to come soon. Rewards for staking BNB, TUSD and FDUSD are available until Aug 31st on Binance Launchpool platform.

Total Token Supply

The Sei Network token has a total supply of 10 billion coins with 1.8 billion (or 18%) currently in circulation according to its whitepaper . An airdrop may be planned for early adopters which could further increase hype around SEI coins.


Sei network has partnered with several other protocols such as Coinbase and Delphi Protocol to maximize its interoperability.


SEI coin trading will commence shortly across major exchanges while rewards are still available for those that stake their tokens before August 31st on Binance Launchpool platform – giving users an opportunity to take advantage of this new project before its full launch takes place later this year!