Write Your Proof-of-Work Resume: How Bitcoin Gave Me a New Life

• Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics, found Bitcoin Magazine and decided to submit an article idea. The first article got accepted, but the second one was rejected. However, the feedback he received allowed him to adjust and improve his writing strategy.
• With the support of the Bitcoin community and his wife, Mickey gained confidence to continue writing and eventually post articles on social media platforms like LinkedIn.
• His writings eventually led him to being hired by a large Bitcoin-focused YouTube channel as a behind-the-scenes writer.

Finding My Way into Writing Bitcoin Articles

I’m Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics who spent four years in the infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. I wasn’t invited to write for Bitcoin Magazine initially; instead I stumbled across their article submission link while looking for customer service email address and submitted my idea. To my surprise, it got accepted! After submitting another article which unfortunately got rejected – along with some scathing critiquing from the editor – I began adjusting my strategy and approach when writing articles about Bitcoin.

Courage from Community Support

My first article wasn’t even posted on social media until after 10 articles were published! I was scared of what people would think or how they would react so I held back from promotion until then – luckily however the community was welcoming and supportive which gave me courage to keep going. This along with moral support from my wife have been invaluable sources of motivation throughout this journey thus far!

Earning Opportunities through Writing

The fruits of all this hard work paid off as I now have been hired by a fairly large, Bitcoin-focused YouTube channel as a behind-the-scenes writer! All these experiences have taught me that no matter where you start from or who you are – you can make something out of yourself if you put your head down and get to work diligently – there is always an opportunity waiting for you just around the corner.

Write Your Proof-Of-Work Resume

It’s easy to get discouraged when pursuing something new but don’t be afraid of failure – use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow! Just because someone may not like your work doesn’t mean that you don’t have talent or potential; it simply means that your efforts will need adjustment in order for them to appreciate it more fully next time around. It’s important too remember that success isn’t achieved overnight either; take steps each day towards accomplishing goals no matter how small they may seem at first glance – these tiny steps will amount up over time into great accomplishments!

Conclusion: Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself despite any odds stacked against you or fears holding you back – there is always room for success if you put your heart into it! Everyone has gifts unique only unto themselves; find yours today by taking actionable steps towards achieving whatever dreams might be lingering within your heart!